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Welcome to the Retention Skills Enhancement Tool (ReSET). ReSET is designed to help employers, employees and support teams map and develop the core soft skills and engagement strategies that are foundational for a stable, healthy, and evolving workforce. It provides a valid and objective means of assessing motivation, attitude, accountability, time management, stress management, presentation, teamwork, adaptability and confidence skills of employees, while providing employers with critical insights to refine their workforce engagement efforts. In addition, ReSET provides a case management tool that will encourage team lead to share observations and provide feedback in a consistent, respectful, honest and timely manner.

All ReSET data is held securely on servers located in Toronto, Canada, and is not accessible to any organization other than the owner of the data. ReSET technical support and administrators have all signed confidentiality agreements guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data.

If you are not yet a system user, you can access ReSET by contacting Hospitality Workers Training Centre (HWTC) at 1-888-777-HWTC or Futureworx at 902-843-4293. Please contact us to learn more about the system and learn how it can be uniquely configured to meet your individual organization’s needs.